Opening Tasting Rooms During Coronavirus

  1. Knowing what’s newsworthy
  2. Picking 20 influential outlets
  3. Crafting your press release

knowing what’s newsworthy

  • Date of reopen and any changes to hours of operation
  • Introduction of a reservation system for guest convenience and safety
  • New or redesigned outdoor spaces, patios, walking trails and picnic areas
  • Notable relationships with food trucks or local restaurants for dine-in or delivery service
  • New product releases available for drink-in, pickup or delivery
  • Value-added promotional packages, like a food and beverage pairing

picking 20 influential outlets

  • Local food and beverage or entertainment writers
  • Your local National Public Radio (NPR) station or Associated Press Bureau
  • Alt-weeklies and other lifestyle publications
  • City event calendars
  • Craft enthusiast groups
  • Industry social media influencers
  • Regionally-relevant news aggregators like BevNET, Shanken News Daily, and others

crafting your press release

A press release is the format for sharing the who, what, where and why with journalists to help them quickly determine whether your announcement is worthy of their readers. To help visualize a reopening press release from your business, we put together the following sample using available information and placeholder copy:



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